finals week

Finals week gives me mixed feelings.

On the hand, I become a complete stress head because of all the material I have to cram into my head in a short amount of time. But on the the other, I feel sort of liberated by finals.

Finals marks the end of the semester for me. It marks the end of daily struggles to get up, shower, make it to class on time, and run around the whole day until I’m exhausted. It means spending time with the people I love being around the most and working together with them towards a common goal: getting through the last few days of the semester.

I got to the engineering library at around 9AM this morning. It was empty because everyone was hung over from Slope Day. Meanwhile, I was wide-awake after sobering the whole day. I love the feeling of walking into an empty library. I got to choose my seat and was able to plug my computer in before anyone else could. I ordered a bagel from CTB for lunch at 12PM and got started studying orgo.

My friends trickled in one by one from 10AM until 12PM. We don’t talk while we work, but we don’t need to. I feel comforted just by their presence. I feel motivated by their tip-tapping on their keyboards and flipping pages in their textbooks.

Every 45 minutes I make sure to give myself a break before going back to work. During my break, I write.

So here I am….

and here I go.


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