a fresh start

I haven’t changed locations. I’m still in Ithaca, but I feel like this is a fresh start.

My sophomore spring semester has finally ended. I actually ended up doing really well this semester despite many trials and tribulations. I only have God to thank for that! He has really been with me every step of the way through this tough time.

I moved into my new house recently and have been trying to make the space a cozy place for me to live. I started by stocking up my fridge with yummy goodies and ingredients for easy cooking access. Today, I dropped by Ithaca Festival in the Commons with my friend Jeff. I bought some banana nut bread and a strawberry plant. Then, I stopped by Mimi’s Attic for some secondhand treasures.

We’re reading The Reason for God in my church’s Collegetown Bible Fellowship. I’m excited to read this book by Timothy Keller not because it is popular, but because I think it might actually help equip me to answer questions that my friends, my family and even I have about Christianity. I am excited to deepen my faith and expand the breadth of my knowledge about Christian works. I am eagerly waiting for my book to come in the mail.

I am eagerly breezing through the first few days of my fresh start.



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